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We are proud to recommend Trane equipment for your heating and cooling needs. We have been installing this product line for over 18 years and have found this to be high-quality, dependable equipment. While we cannot possibly explain all of the equipment and efficiency choices available here, the Trane website provides a complete description.

While most equipment manufacturers will provide a reasonable parts warranty, many consumers do not realize that they are still responsible for the cost of labor should something fail. We strongly encourage all of our customers to purchase the 10 year Extended Labor Warranty available from Trane for their newly installed equipment. The initial cost for this warranty is affordable, it is transferable, and there are no deductibles. Most of our customers consider it “cheap insurance” as it provides peace of mind in knowing that there will be no unexpected repair bills for the next ten years.

For clients that have an interest in improved air quality, we highly recommend the Aprilaire brand whole-house media air filter system. This is basically a large, highly-efficient pleated air filter and housing that is designed to be installed in the main return ductwork, at or near the central furnace or air handling unit. Due to its central location, almost all of the air moving through your system passes through the filter. We have installed many of these over the years and have received very positive feedback. However, perhaps the most important benefit we have seen is that where we have installed these filters on new equipment, the internal components, blower, coils, etc… tend to stay dramatically cleaner over the years than those systems that do not have similar air filtration installed. This results not only in better air quality, but in reduced equipment maintenance concerns.
As far as the filter media is concerned, it typically needs replacement only once a year and is very inexpensive. This is a product that has an affordable installation cost, and has a very low maintenance cost for filter changes. Otherwise, there are no moving parts, electrical components, etc…to cause service and maintenance problems.

Below are the two most popular air cleaners that we install:
Aprilaire air cleaner
Trane clean effects

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