What to Consider When Replacing an HVAC System

When it comes to a Cary home’s HVAC system, multiple factors can contribute to its wear and tear. Upgrading to a new HVAC system can outweigh the costs to repair an old one. A. Maynor Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. will consult with the Cary homeowner about repairs and replacements as well as budgetary concerns. [...]

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How to Choose a HVAC company

It is important that a homeowner chooses a HVAC company that is well reputed for its quality service. Another vital aspect of picking a HVAC company is to make sure that the company has its licenses and certifications for North Carolina in order. When a home’s heating and air conditioning is working improperly or is [...]

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3 Important Ways to Maintain an HVAC System

Everyone has experienced that dreaded moment when walking through the front door into the house and there is no air conditioning or heating running. It is a horrible feeling, but, in most situations, it is preventable. Just like other appliances, both heating and air conditioning systems need to be maintained. HVAC maintenance can prevent [...]

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